For enquiries about meat and other products, please ring or email, details on contact page.

Cream teas will be available from 30th March

We accept card payments (excepting American Express) for purchases over £10


Whole hogget vac-packed ready for the freezer approximately £140, depending on size.

Half hogget as above approximately £70.

By order, please phone 01458 251127

 Kate Lynch is a local artist and author who has spent two years shadowing farming families on the Somerset Levels - including us.

She has published a book of her paintings, drawings and recorded conversations and

we have this lovely book for sale (signed by Kate) for £15

In 2015 /2016 we replaced a cider apple orchard  destroyed by cattle in the 1950’s.  We decided to use standard trees rather than commercial bush trees.  They take longer to mature and grow to an eventual enormous height but make very good housing for the local birds and bugs!  Local varieties of cider apple trees were planted such as Kingston Black, Brown’s and Dabinett.

Have a look at the pictures below showing some of what goes on at School Farm.

Marking out the new cider apple orchard Dessert apple tree in bloom.

 "Taste the Landscape" Somerset food trail runs from Friday 20th July - Sunday 29th July.  It celebrates locally produced, sustainable food.  For more information go to  

Our normal opening hours still apply.  We will be serving cream teas and you can look at our pigs, sheep, orchard, poultry and garden if you wish.  Vintage tractors will be here, except they will be depleted on Friday, Saturday, Sunday 20th -22nd July as they are attending a Steam Rally.